Wire Mesh

Let your space stay protected with the strong and long-lasting wire mesh fence by Gem fencing manufacturers.

Wire Mesh Fence

Offers enhanced safety and security

Being the most popular type of fencing, woven wire mesh is used to make quality fencing. Mesh fences are closely packed and hence easy & quick to install at any place. Using the wire mesh fence, we Gem Fencing manufacturers offer end-to-end fencing products. The wire mesh fences are covered with galvanic or PVC coating depending on customer needs. From gates to big boundary around places, wire mesh fences are constructed by us.


We as a renowned fencing manufacturers offer the highest grade wire mesh fences for the utmost protection. Be it the material or the service you need, we are always there to support.


Since the wire meshes form a tight bond, it cannot be corroded or damaged easily. This ensures the longevity of the kind and also no incongruency. Wire mesh fencing by Gem Fencing manufacturers stands for long.


Wire mesh fences are available in different sizes and can be bought in bundles. As they are tight-packed, it is comparatively easy to transport more without damages. Wire mesh fence by Gem fencing manufacturers stands out.


Wire mesh fencing by Gem Fencing manufacturers are of the best-preferred professional quality. The height and firmness make it stand tall without breaking even under dynamic climatic changes.


All wire meshes are produced in its best quality with pointed ends to meet customer’s needs and protect against any theft or intruding activities. With its corrosion/rust withstanding power, durability is high. A uniform mesh has the same level of thickness and hence gives the best finish. We not only sell wire mesh fences but also we do the installation process as a fence contractor.

Some of the places we worked with wire mesh fence include 

Playgrounds – To avoid intruding of outsiders or animals

Construction areasTo build a firm site boundary

Industrial areas – to protect the machinery and staff

Agricultural lands – To safeguard the crops

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