Barbed Wires

Say goodbye to obstacles from outside with the lightweight yet effective Barbed wires fence type by Gem Fencing manufacturers.

Barbed Wires

Better Strength and durability Guaranteed

Barbed wires fencing type is formed by twisting two galvanized GI steel which is termed as barbed. This barbed wire is lightweight and so easy to be transported. Mostly used for the protection of gardens, poultry, fields and crops. 

The major use of barbed wires is safeguarding from unwanted intruders. As the most trusted fencing manufacturers, Gem Fencing Manufacturers provides barbed wires according to your requirements.


As a consistent fencing manufacturers, we offer the high tensile barbed wire fencing materials for installation. If required, we also install the barbed wire fences to arrive at the best results.


Whether the area is small or large, barbed wire fencing by Gem Fencing manufacturers suits your requisites. We build the fencing with best-barbed wires which has the highest durability.


Barbed wires fencing is available in various styles and it includes Hand-knotting barbed wire, wire wrap, and barbed wire vice. Barbed wire fencing manufactured by Gem Fencing manufacturers is always satisfactory.


Barbed wire Fencing by Gem Fencing manufacturers is easy to install and is highly effective in both residential and commercial areas. We also offer customized fencing for our customers.


Barbed wire fencing by Gem Fencing manufacturers is available with razor sharp barbed tape. This is responsible for the utmost protection against outsiders. With portability option, barbed wires will satisfy your needs and avoid unauthorized trespassing. We understand the needs of the customer and install the best fencing designs possible using stone or concrete poles ensuring rigidity.  

With our trained workers, we install barbed wire fencing in the areas you prefer. Some of the commonly asked places are

Construction sitesTo build the boundary around the property.

Storage housesTo divide the house and land from interruptions & also to ensure privacy.

Territorial bordersTo stand against any kind of environmental changes.

Prisoner confinements – To prevent escape of the prisoners.

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